We are committed to brewing the historic beers that made us famous over a century ago, while embracing the new craft traditions today's beer lovers enjoy. We strive to offer a range of styles, with quality and drinkability at the heart of everything we brew.



German-Style Pilsner  |  5.3% ABV  •  14 IBU's

Bright light gold, sweet grainy bread notes and hints of herbal hops, with crispy grainy sweetness and light corn notes. 

Currently on tap!


Pale Ale  |  5.8% ABV • 34 IBU's

Hazy golden with an off-white head, citrus, grapefruit and tangerine with slight notes of malt sweetness, and slight grapefruit, pine, citrus and bready caramel notes. 

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Coffee Porter  |  6.8% ABV • 25 IBU's

Deep brown, nearly black with a khaki head, big aromas of sweet bread and pretzels, with bready pretzel notes and faint notes of baker's chocolate.

Currently on tap!


Battle Charge

 Golden Ale  |  4.5% ABV • 13 IBU's

A brewed specialty for the Canton Charge basketball team, this beer is a dark golden with an off-white head, light malty sweetness with hints of tangerine and tropical fruits, with notes of citrus and a crisp clean finish.

Currently on tap!

Black Hawk

 Imperial Stout  |  8.5% ABV 

Triple Chocolate, Coconut, Coffee Imperial Stout brewed with cocoa powder, cacao nibs, in house toasted coconut and a special coffee blend from our friends at Carpe Diem. Pours dark as night with an off white head. Flavors and aromas of coconut, coffee, milk chocolate, peanut butter, slight caramel notes and
just enough roast to let you know it’s there. Mild bitterness for offsetting the sweetness of the malts and just a touch of lactose to help round out the full body


 Dunkel  |  4.2% ABV • 18 IBU's

Deep brown, nearly black with a khaki head, big aromas of sweet bread and pretzels, with bready pretzel notes and faint notes of baker's chocolate.

Currently on tap!


Kettle Sour Tart Ale  |  3.5% ABV  

Kettle Sour brewed with oats and lactose while being infused with real tangerine puree and real Madagascar vanilla beans. Flavors and aromas of candied orange, fresh tangerine, vanilla and lemon tart.

Currently on tap!


 Dry Hopped Grisette  |  4.9% ABV 

This light bodied ale was brewed for our Gray For May event to raise money and awareness for brain cancer. We chose this style of beer because Grisette translates to “Little Gray” and it fit our theme well! It pours a hazy light yellow with a bubbly white head and features flavors and aromas of juicy fruit, bubblegum, clove, vanilla, banana, pineapple with slight pine and passionfruit tones. It has a super dry finish and low bitterness.


 Kölsch-Style Lager  |  4.8% ABV • 15 IBU's

Infused with local coffee from Carpe Diem. Brilliant golden brown with an off-white head, sweet bready malt and toasted almond dominate with subtle coffee notes, with sweet caramel giving way to amaretto and hints of roasted coffee.

Alpha and Omega

 Double IPA  |  8.1% ABV

This Double IPA is brewed with a blend of hops including Citra, Mosaic and an unnamed hop, giving off flavors and aromas of pineapple, mango, juicy citrus and melon. It pours a dark gold color and has a medium body with low bitterness. Brewed with oats and wheat to give it some body and a soft mouthfeel.

Through the Fire and Flames

Imperial Stout  |  10.1% ABV

This is a Mexican Hot Chocolate inspired Imperial Stout. Flavors and aromas of chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, coffee, roast and the perfect amount of heat from the in house roasted Habanero peppers. This beer pours black with a white head and has a medium to heavy body. The perfect beer to warm you up through the cold winter.

Coming Soon!

Call Me from the Kettle 

IPA  |  7.0% ABV 

This IPA has flavors and aromas of grapefruit, tangerine, tangelo and a dash of pine. It pours a hazy orange color with a fluffy, white head and has a medium body. This IPA starts out sweet but finishes dry.

Frutta with Grapefruit

 Kettle Sour Tart Ale  |  4.5% ABV 

Kettle sour brewed with a Berliner Weisse base of 2 row and wheat malt. Soured slightly with fresh squeezed and zested pink grapefruit.

Audi 5000

Mango Milkshake Imperial IPA  |  8.5% ABV 

This Imperial IPA is brewed with real mango, real Madagascar vanilla beans, lactose, oats and wheat. It pours a cloudy burnt orange/dark yellowish color and has
flavors and aromas of candied orange, mango, citrus and creamsicle type flavors. It has a medium to heavy body with a nice creamy mouthfeel and smooth, rounded hop flavors with low bitterness.

3.14 IPA with Raspberry and Blackberry

 Pie IPA  |  6.5% ABV

This Pie IPA features real raspberry and blackberry and drinks like a milkshake style IPA. Flavors and aromas of fresh berries, vanilla custard, citrus and slight tropical fruit. This is a fruity dessert beer that is light enough to enjoy more than one. Served with a cinnamon sugar rim in our taproom.

Deja Vu

White Stout  |  5.5% ABV

White stout brewed with oats, wheat and lactose. Conditioned on mounds of coffee beans from our friends at Carpe Diem, real vanilla beans and chocolate.

Amarillo By Morning

 American Wheat Ale  |  4.7% ABV 

A slightly hoppy American Wheat Ale with flavors and aromas of citrus, grapefruit an a nice “wheaty-lemon” tang aftertaste. Dry finish and low bitterness. Very easy to drink!

Golden Goose

 Helles Lager  |  4.9% ABV

Originally developed to combat the Czech Pilsner, we put our own twist on this Helles lager. We brewed this with all Ohio Malts and hopped it lightly with American hops. Low ABV, malty, flavorful and refreshing. The perfect beer for those hot summer days!


Saison  |  6.2% ABV • 30 IBU's

Hazy straw with a dense white head, Orange blossums and Meyer lemon with notes of earthy spice, with lemon, tangerine and notes of pepper and citrus rind. 


American I.P.A.  |  6.5% ABV • 70 IBU's

Hazy golden orange, floral with hints of pine and juicy citrus, with dominant tart and juicy blood orange notes and notes of pine and resinous hops to finish. 


Bock  |  5.4% ABV • 15 IBU's

Brilliant gold helles inspired bock featuring El Dorado hops giving pear and fruity notes, malt sweetness, and medium bodies with a clean and lightly sweet finish.


 Imperial Black I.P.A.  |  8.5% ABV • 90 IBU's

Intense black with a tan head, citrus and dominate earthy hop notes, with grapefruit, pine and earthy notes that give way to a slightly roast finish.


 Dry Irish Stout  |  4.5% ABV • 42 IBU's

Deep black brown with a tan head, rich dark chocolate and roast, with dark chocolate and roasted coffee notes and a dry finish.


Hefeweizen  |  5% ABV  •  10 IBU's

Hazy straw gold, with lemongrass, delicate sweet malt in place of the more typically dominant banana notes, subtle earthiness from Ohio-grown spelt, and a hint of clove to balance the malt sweetness for a refreshingly clean crisp finish.


Saison  |  5.5% ABV  •  20 IBU's

 Made exclusively with Ohio grown barley and spelt from Cleveland's Haus Malts and Centennial hops from West Salem's For the Love of Hops. Hazy Golden, citrus from centennial hops, and dominant floral and spicy notes with a dry finish. 


 Scotch Ale  |  9.7% ABV • 25 IBU's

Deep mahogany with an whiskey barrel caramel and toffee notes, with caramel and toffee flavors that give way to the whiskey, vanilla, and roast. .

D.I.P.A. #9

 Double I.P.A.  |  8.0% ABV • 77+ IBU's

Featuring experimental hop #07270. Lemon zest and dank piney resins dominate got big juicy citrus and lemon notes followed by a dank resinous backbone and slight sweetness.



 Barrel-Aged Scotch Ale  |  10% ABV • 54 IBU's

Deep caramel with a creamy tan head, bourbon and sweet caramel notes with hints of vanilla, and full bodied with a rich creamy finish.


 Belgian Strong Dark  |  9.7% ABV • 35 IBU's

Burnished bronze with a slight haze, dark candied fruits with bright red wine and oak notes, and oaky vinous notes finish with dark fruits and phenolics.


 Saison  |  6.2% ABV • 30 IBU's

Our house saison aged in red wine barrels with Elderberries that we hand-picked from local Zoe Farms.

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